The Women’s Fellowship is open to ALL women of Big Canoe and our surrounding area.  If you would like to join, please click here.

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Women’s Fellowship has a NEW calendar of events.  Check it out.   BigCanoeChapel.org/wfcalendar

Spring Cleaning?  Don’t throw out your gently used sports apparel, equipment or accessories. The BCCWF needs them for a special fundraiser this fall.  More details to come!

July 15th – Prayer Blanket Workshop #2

Miss the first workshop?  Not to worry. The Prayer Blanket Workshop #2, sponsored by the Women’s Fellowship will be July 15th, from 1 to 3, in McCormick Hall at the Chapel.  Helping hands are needed to make these soft, comforting blankets to benefit the women who go to the North Georgia Pregnancy Center looking for help.  This workshop is open to all women in Big Canoe, no registration is required.  And don’t worry, no sewing skills needed and all materials are provided.  Jobs include stitching on labels, braiding ties, folding and rolling blankets.  Anyone can do that. For more information about the workshop contact Devon Collins at [email protected]

August 14th – Festival @ The Terraces  

Mark those calendars for August 14th from 10 to 4 and plan to make a whole day of it at The Terraces on Steve Tate Road, just outside Big Canoe, WF’s next fundraiser.  Adults are $5, children are $3 and two and under are free.  Please leave pets at home as they are not allowed at the Terraces. There will be a children’s craft table and door prizes! Local musicians will entertain from 12 to 4 for your listening pleasure.  There will be over thirty local vendors set up around The Terraces selling everything from A to Z.  The Big Canoe Men’s Fellowship will be grilling burgers and hot dogs while the Women’s Fellowship will be providing sweets at the Bakery.  Ladies, we need your help as volunteers are needed to prepare homemade snacks in individual servings. Suggestions are cookies, trail mix, chex mix, sweet breads, nuts, scones, slices of pound cake, etc.  A drive up-drop off of your donated goodies will be between 9am and 1pm on Friday, August 13th at the upper drive of the Chapel.  Direct questions to Sue Merrick at [email protected]. See you there!

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BCCWF follows all COVID protocols determined by the Chapel.  Click here to read the most recent changes. 

By participating in activities related to the Big Canoe Chapel Women’s Fellowship you voluntarily assume an understanding of the contagious nature and exposure risks of COVID-19 and thereby release the Big Canoe Chapel Women’s Fellowship from any associated claims.  

Spiritual Growth and Outreach


            The Women’s Fellowship provides many opportunities for spiritual growth throughout the year: Bible Study sessions, The Retreat in November, and many more.  Details to be posted here as they become available.

FALL BIBLE STUDY – September 15-November 10

This 8 week session will meet on Wednesdays, 9:30 to 11:30 at the Chapel and will be led by popular Bible Study instructor, Holly Lundberg.  A Big Canoe resident since November 2019, Holly served at the Johnson Ferry Baptist Church for years teaching Bible Study on Sundays and a mid-week women’s Bible Study.  Registration begin August 1st and end September 1st. Text for the study is Dr. David Jeremiah’s new book, “The Jesus You May Not Know: Take the Journey from Knowing About Jesus to Knowing Jesus”.  An author of over 40 books, Dr. Jeremiah is well-known for his inspirational messages.  Participants in the Fall Bible Study will be responsible for purchasing their own book.  Although not required, it is recommended.  Books can be ordered from Amazon.  Direct questions to Pam Hopper at  [email protected]

Outreach programs of the Women’s Fellowship give members numerous opportunities to volunteer in our community. Contact Pam Hopper at [email protected] for more information.

PruittHealth Nursing Home in Jasper

Volunteers are needed to for the Birthday Blessings Program – celebrating resident’s birthdays each month by taking cards, balloons, cookies or cupcakes and spending some time honoring these special people.  In addition, four parties are planned during the year: Halloween, Christmas, Valentines, and Easter.  Volunteers bring goodies and decorations to celebrate with the residents. Spending time with these incredible people is truly a blessing.

Jasper Thrift Store 

The mission of the Thrift Store is to “serve members of our community who find themselves in need of essential goods and basic life-enhancing services”.  Volunteers are needed to work as cashiers and front-end clerks on the third Friday of each month.  This is an amazing service opportunity to help the residents of Jasper and the surrounding area.  No experience is necessary. Shifts are 10 am to 1 pm or 1 pm to 4 pm.   If interested call Sue Ceravolo, 770-855-7721.

Women to Women Ministry

A simple but powerful program, Women to Women provides a friend when a friend is needed most.  Big Canoe is a beautiful community filled with loving and caring people. But the loneliness caused by the loss of a spouse, COVID quarantine or debilitating illness can turn a woman’s once bright life to dark isolation.  Understanding that the heart of the matter is often a matter of the heart, “Women to Women” ministers to these ladies the old-fashioned way – through a caring relationship.


Charitable Giving

Despite the pandemic, Women’s Fellowship was able to give financial support to several worthwhile charitable organizations in 2020.  We will showcase a different charity each month so be sure to check back with us next month!

June – ACES Youth Home

Each year in Georgia, thousands of children are placed in foster care.  ACES Youth Home believes that all children deserve to be cared for in a safe, loving, and nurturing environment where they can grow into responsible and successful young adults.  When DFCS determines it is not safe for a child to remain in the home of his or her caregiver, the child is placed in foster care. Foster care is intended to be a temporary home away from home while the agency works with the child’s family to eliminate or minimize the safety issues that caused agency involvement.  Within our local community and our region in North Georgia, the need for foster care is great, especially for youths age 11-18.  ACES Youth Home was built by the community to serve our community and the surrounding areas.  ACES provides temporary and long-term residential placement and care for youths, both boys and girls, ages 11-18.  They provide a safe, secure, and nurturing home for youths who have been victims of abuse or neglect and help children discover their strengths and learn to cope with the crises in their lives.  They strive to recognize the value and dignity of each individual served.  ACES is able to provide residential placement for up to 10 youth in a safe and nurturing environment under the supervision of well-qualified and trained staff. ACES understands that the primary responsibility is to provide care until family or other more permanent placement can be provided, supporting the reunification process and providing visitation with family members if at all possible.

Click here to see a list of charities supported by the Women’s Fellowship.


Big Canoe Chapel 2021  New Women’s Fellowship Board (January-December)

President:  Susan Eanes
Vice President of Charitable Giving and Fundraising:  Debbie Jones
Vice President of Membership:  Betina Shearer
Vice President of Public Relations:  Beth Herren
Vice President of Spiritual Growth and Outreach:  Pam Hopper
Secretary:  Jean Mosshart
Treasurer:  Nancy Mitchell
Past President:  Catherine Capps
Parliamentarian:  Sandra Gadd

Women’s Fellowship Bylaws


A Legacy of Service Since 1988

The Big Canoe Chapel Women’s Guild evolved from a small group of women meeting in members’ homes for fellowship, prayer, and Bible study. It was at the January 21, 1988, meeting at Dorothy de Albuquerque’s home that the “Circle” decided to seek the blessings of Dr. Vernon Broyles and the Chapel Trustees to formally establish an organization for all women in the Big Canoe Community. During 1988–1990, there were no officers and the group gathered in members’ homes and shared the role of discussion leader. Since that time, the Guild has grown in terms of membership and positive impact on the Big Canoe community. In recent years, over 250 members and their guests participate in the annual Fall Retreat and the special Christmas program. Activities of the Guild have been guided through the years by its Presidents and the various committee chairs serving the membership today.

Beginning 2021, the Women’s Guild reorganized into the Big Canoe Chapel Women’s Fellowship.

  • Susan Wilson & Ann Velderman  1991-1992
  • Charlotte Geoghegan McCloskey   1991-1993
  • Hope Patton & Sue Bergman   1993-1994
  • Anne Miller 1994-1995
  • Bobbie Garner 1995-1996
  • Jane Vann 1996-1997
  • Peggy Lehmberg 1997-1999
  • Lewise Neely 1999-2000
  • Emily Thurman 2000-2001
  • Jane Brooks 2001-2002
  • Nancy Rampenthal 2002-2003
  • Liz Donovan-Davis 2003-2004
  • Jackie Gilmer 2004-2005
  • Nancy Shirah 2005-2006
  • Barb Weagly 2006-2007
  • Devon Collins & Fran Saling 2007-2008
  • Elaine Estill & Pat Tipton 2008-2009
  • Devon Collins & Patricia McCormick 2009-2010
  • Polly Mills & Anne Youmans 2010-2011
  • Sandi Keel & Verna Rauschenberg 2011-2012
  • Cheryl Gregory & Jean Lomax 2012-2013
  • Sylvia Helms & Sue Hauseman 2013-2014
  • Millann Funk & Cherry Harden 2014-2015
  • Bettye Jo Isherwood & Janice Yahres 2015-2016
  • Lyn Cates & Barbara Fussell 2016-2017
  • Kay Lathem & Ruth Slim 2017-2018
  • Judy Bellenger & Susan Eanes 2018-2019
  • Catherine Capps & Faye Webster 2019-2020
  • Susan Eanes 2021