About The Chapel

We like to describe Big Canoe Chapel as a “multi-denominational” congregation, rather than “non-denominational”, because we are proud to have people of a variety of faith traditions among our membership. And, we don’t want people to give up their faith traditions when they become a part of the Chapel; rather, we want them to bring those traditions with them. We respect and embrace them. And it is our intention to make the diversity of our faith histories a source of enrichment rather than division.

Big Canoe Chapel

Big Canoe Chapel in the fall. Photo by Lassie Dye.

Because we come from a variety of faith traditions, we stress those central tenets of Christian theology that most Christian communities affirm. The Bible is the source of our authority, and we encourage each Christian believer to interpret scripture as led by God’s Spirit, Who inspired it. Our style of worship seeks a balance between historic liturgical content and informal warmth and freedom. We enjoy a variety of music, and we encourage casual and comfortable dress. We employ three different styles of celebration of the Lord’s Supper, in keeping with the various faith traditions we bring with us to the Chapel. Our government is congregational. Major decisions are made in congregational meetings. And, month by month governance is by a fifteen-member Board of Trustees, five of whom are elected each year for a term of three years. Much of the work of the Chapel is done by standing committees who report to the Trustees. We understand the mission of the Christian Church to be, in accordance with Jesus’ final commandment in Matthew 28, to make Christian disciples. In seeking to be faithful to Jesus’ command, we witness – that is, we tell the Christian story and invite people into discipleship; we nurture – that is, we train, encourage, support, and equip Christians for their ministry; and we reach out – that is, we express our faith by living lives of love and mission. Of course, prayer saturates all we do, as we open ourselves to God’s guidance and strength, and as we send our roots deep into God’s greatness. We believe that Big Canoe Chapel is a special and distinctive expression of the Christian Church. In very few locations can we worship and serve side by side with so many different kinds of Christians, yet know that we are all one, as a part of God’s family. We consider it a privilege to belong to Christ, and then to belong to this warm and caring fellowship of his disciples.



  • Regular members are those members who have transferred their membership from another church or who have joined by a profession of their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. The Chapel will be their only church membership, and they commit to support the programs and purposes of The Chapel.
  • Associate members are those members who join The Chapel and, while maintaining and continuing their membership in another church, intend to make The Chapel an additional place of regular worship, study, service, and giving.
  • Fellowship members are those members who do not wish to take the vows of membership, yet desire to be a part of The Chapel community. These members commit to support the programs and purposes of The Chapel.

Regular and Associate members have equal rights in the conduct, control and operation of the Chapel. We welcome you to become a member of Big Canoe Chapel. If you are interested in joining, please contact the Chapel Office at 470-273-6768 or e-mail Associate Pastor David Apple.

Our New Members



Todd & Melissa Stephens



            Barry and Virginia Brodwater


Quincy and Beverly Zimmerman

David and Linda Bell


Paula Sloan


Allison and Milton Perry




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