Missions Committee

Big Canoe Chapel MissionsThe Big Canoe Chapel offers financial support and service to a number of ministries both regionally and around the world through the Missions Committee. These are all Christian-based ministries, through which the Big Canoe Chapel can witness to God’s love for us by showing our love to the people served by these ministries. We offer financial support only after a thorough review of the needs of the ministry and the numbers of people served by the ministry. Also, we serve these ministries through a number of short term mission trips, sponsored and endorsed by the Chapel with teams of Chapel members. In the past several years Mission Teams have worked in Nicaragua and Russia as well as in the inner city of Atlanta and in the storm ravaged Mississippi Gulf Coast.


The purpose of the Mission Committee is to empower Christian Ministries with Chapel funding and human resources to support their efforts to:

• Share the gospel
• Teach and nurture believers
• Show Compassion to people in need
• Demonstrate the grace and love God through Jesus Christ, our Savior


To grow people’s relationship with God, who draws us to himself in Jesus and with one another through worship, education, outreach, fellowship and involvement. We embrace core Christian beliefs and traditions and affirm the authority of Scripture and the importance of prayer, all in a multi-denominational setting. The Chapel will always provide a compassionate and caring central focus for the Big Canoe community and gladly share the monetary and human resources, entrusted to us by God, to reach out to people in need, both at home and around the world.


The Big Canoe Chapel Mission Committee identifies, evaluates and selects on behalf of the membership, worthy Christian humanitarian causes for the Chapel’s support.   It is responsible for managing the annual mission budget and approving the disbursement of all mission funds. The committee recommends policies to the Board of Trustees regarding the Chapel’s missions programs.

 Click here for a list of supported missions.

Facing the Pandemic from the Jungle of Ecuador 

Dr. Broyles, Big Canoe Chapel’s first Chaplain, often said that he had never seen a church grow and prosper that was not mission oriented. Big Canoe Chapel has always had a strong benevolence and mission outreach supporting more than 180 organizations in over 50 countries.

One organization that has welcomed mission teams from the Chapel is Jungle Kids for Christ, located in the jungle of Educador. Jungle Kids for Christ in a non-profit organization that has established a K-12th school, a boarding home, and other programs. They have been empowering children for God’s glory through these programs since 2011. Like so many organizations, the pandemic affected them in ways they did not expect. Parents losing their income, members of the community passing away, students forced to stay at home, and all summer short term mission teams cancelled. What could have turn into a disastrous circumstance for the ministry, God used to strengthen and generate growth.

Local staff, missionaries and supporters did not waver during these complex times, they thrived. Because of their love and passion, virtual learning was introduced to all grades reaching 100% of the students by early school year 20-21. They also welcomed 38 new students to school and maintained school standards and goals during the pandemic. A virtual nativity program was created reaching hundreds of parents with the gospel message.  Microsoft Office school version was introduced for all staff and students at no cost; thirty used laptops were provided to students and teachers and an interactive online reading program in English and Spanish was introduced. The short-term mission teams who had to cancel their trips in 2020 raised enough money to cover operating costs and finish projects on campus.

Roberto Davalos, Executive Director, said, “most importantly, there was spiritual growth among constituents. Yes, like the U.S., the population in Ecuador has been affected by mixed messages from the media. Yes, there is division among the parents when asked to send their children back to school. And yes, every new strand of the novel virus brings whatever plans we have to a halt, but every stomp from the opposition, creates momentum for growth and fellowship. I thank God who has been providing for His children in the jungle of Ecuador before the pandemic, during the pandemic and will continue to long after the pandemic. So, in many ways, facing the pandemic from the jungle of Ecuador has not been so different than facing it from other parts of the world. Our God is the God of all nations and all peoples. To Him be the glory.”

To learn more about Jungle Kids for Christ, visit www.junglekidsforchrist.org.