Missions Committee

Big Canoe Chapel MissionsThe Big Canoe Chapel offers financial support and service to a number of ministries both regionally and around the world through the Missions Committee. These are all Christian-based ministries, through which the Big Canoe Chapel can witness to God’s love for us by showing our love to the people served by these ministries. We offer financial support only after a thorough review of the needs of the ministry and the numbers of people served by the ministry. Also, we serve these ministries through a number of short term mission trips, sponsored and endorsed by the Chapel with teams of Chapel members. In the past several years Mission Teams have worked in Nicaragua and Russia as well as in the inner city of Atlanta and in the storm ravaged Mississippi Gulf Coast.


The purpose of the Mission Committee is to empower Christian Ministries with Chapel funding and human resources to support their efforts to:

• Share the gospel
• Teach and nurture believers
• Show Compassion to people in need
• Demonstrate the grace and love God through Jesus Christ, our Savior


To grow people’s relationship with God, who draws us to himself in Jesus and with one another through worship, education, outreach, fellowship and involvement. We embrace core Christian beliefs and traditions and affirm the authority of Scripture and the importance of prayer, all in a multi-denominational setting. The Chapel will always provide a compassionate and caring central focus for the Big Canoe community and gladly share the monetary and human resources, entrusted to us by God, to reach out to people in need, both at home and around the world.


The Big Canoe Chapel Mission Committee identifies, evaluates and selects on behalf of the membership, worthy Christian humanitarian causes for the Chapel’s support.   It is responsible for managing the annual mission budget and approving the disbursement of all mission funds. The committee recommends policies to the Board of Trustees regarding the Chapel’s missions programs.

Touching Lives with the Stroke of a Brush

The widely popular, PaintFest, is an annual event that brings families and friends together for a fun-filled time.  No artistic experience is necessary. It is painting by color! Everything is provided:  pre-drawn panels, paint, brushes, markers, aprons, and instructions.  The completed art is then donated to a deserving hospital or care facility.

Established in 1984, the Foundation for Hospital Art is a non-profit entity dedicated to involving volunteers and patients throughout the world to create colorful, soothing artwork that when donated, helps soften the often-dreadful hospital experience.  To date over 1,000,000 participants have created more than 50,000 paintings, in over 7,500 hospitals and nursing homes in 195 countries.  “But we are not done,” explains John Feight, Founder of the Foundation for Hospital Art, and resident of Big Canoe.  “Our quest is to donate at least one painting to every hospital on earth.”

Big Canoe Chapel is a PaintFest sponsor. The event is open to the entire Big Canoe community. This year’s event is scheduled the weekend of May 15 at the Wildcat Pavilion. Plan to bring the family and help give love and comfort to children and adults by changing those traditional, sterile, blank walls, into walls of color and interest…bringing the outside, inside

To learn more about the Foundation of Hospital Art, visit www.hospitalart.org.

Click here for a list of supported missions.

Big Canoe Chapel’s Missions Committee Goes Nuclear

What happens when a Georgia Tech Nuclear Engineer graduate first encounters Christianity?

Meet Brett McClain, who is supported by Big Canoe Chapel’s Mission Committee, and who is now serving as a missionary to college students in Scotland.  His journey from Georgia Tech to the University of Edinburgh is one of twists and turns.  It started about two weeks after beginning college classes.  Tricked by a friend into attending a meeting at a campus ministry called Christian Campus Fellowship (CCF), Brett later explained, “I realized at that meeting something ignited in my heart I knew not existed.  Until that time, I thought Christianity was foolish.  CCF showed me who God is and once God took my heart, He never let go.”

Upon graduation, Brett’s new career at a nuclear plant was put on temporary hold.  “I had the degree, I had the  job, but I felt the call to give back to the Fellowship that had given me so much.”  This seemed like a great idea, but first he needed a summer job.  Enter Big Canoe Chapel.  The Chapel had been searching for someone to hire as a Children and Youth Director, but needed help in the interim and Brett, having a parent who lived in Big Canoe, and already familiar with the Chapel, jumped at the chance to fill-in during the summer. He led Sunday School classes, planned various events and helped with Vacation Bible School.  He loved working with the kids in Big Canoe and carried an immense passion for middle school through college age kids.  What he did not realize was how working that summer would change the trajectory of his life.

After having a movie night event, he and a friend were talking about their respective futures, and as Brett shared about his desire to spend time volunteering with a church group program, his friend said, “You love ministry, why not do it full time?”  And the rest is history…Brett worked for CCF for three years teaching students at Georgia Tech about Jesus.  Clearly, he wanted to do college ministry the rest of his life and was eventually led to Scotland and a place where young people literally had neither care nor knowledge of Jesus.  He accepted an offer with a small ministry at the University of Edinburgh and moved to Scotland in September 2020.

“I absolutely love working here,” says Brett.  “Ministry is incredibly difficult during the pandemic, but I wake each morning excited to go to work.”  At Edinburgh, Brett sees students struggling with loneliness and mental health issues.  He spends much of his time and energy helping these people feel the healing power of God’s love in their lives.  It is a true gift to walk alongside the future world changers.  Brett’s hope is that students will go on to influential jobs after college and that his teaching and ministry about Jesus will influence their lives and careers for God’s glory.