Weddings at the Chapel

We, Big Canoe Chapel, recognize that all persons are created by God and are of infinite and sacred worth. We have the religious conviction, supported by God’s Word as revealed in the Bible, that Christian marriage is a covenant relationship established by God between one man and one woman.

Although it has its lovely social aspects, the wedding is primarily a service of worship in which vows are taken, prayers are offered, and a blessing is given. You have requested that your wedding be conducted in the Chapel, which is God’s Temple at all times.

It is the policy of Big Canoe Chapel that marriage is defined clearly in the Holy Bible as the sacred union of one man and one woman, joined together in an act ordained by God.  Believing and confessing this to be the very truth of God, the administration of all Big Canoe Chapel policies and procedures and use of all Big Canoe Chapel facilities, including the Terraces, will honor and uphold this policy.

Wedding arrangements for next year’s weddings at the Chapel begin September 1.

To check available dates, contact Mary Donna Rodden in the Chapel Office at 470-273-6768 or e-mail [email protected] You may view the complete wedding guide packet by clicking the appropriate link below:



Wedding Guide for Chapel Members                           Wedding Guide for Non-Members

Map/Directions to Big Canoe Chapel

A/V Request – Must be submitted seven days before the rehearsal.

Guest List – Must be submitted to [email protected] seven days before the wedding.

Mail completed wedding packets to

Big Canoe Chapel
10455 Big Canoe
Big Canoe, GA 30143