Sunday School

Middle School and High School students meet on the bottom level of the Broyles Center in our Teen Room. Go to the lower floor of the Broyles Center. At the end of the hall past the library and bathrooms, go down the stairs to access the Teen Room.

Youth attended Strength to Stand Conference in January

Announcements for the week:

As you may know, Pickens County Schools have closed for the  next two weeks due to the Cornavirus.

We, as a Youth  Ministry, have always  followed Pickens’  lead when it comes to cancelling our programs and we will continue to do so during this time.  As of now, all programs will be suspended.
We want to make sure everyone is safe and our taking extra precautions during this time.  Please know I am still here for you and your students.  They are more than welcome to check in with me at any time.  My number is 678-767-2410. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help!


Mark Your Calendar:


I really enjoyed what the author stated as the last sentence:  If we want to invest in our children’s future, we much teach them to really forgive.  Really great article!
I hope everyone has a great week.