Sunday School

Sunday School

The Fellowship Class:

What did Jesus’ brother, James, say about living a genuine life of Faith? Find the answer and start the New Year with us as we study the practical issues of faith in Life Lessons from James by Max Lucado.  The Fellowship Sunday School class will begin this study on January 19th and everyone is welcome.  We meet on Sunday morning at 9 AM in McCormick Hall.  Books cost $10.  For additional information contact Jean James at 706 268 1480 or … Visit our webpage for more.

The Grace Walk Class is studying the Book of Job.  They meet at 9:00 a.m. in Room 102.  For more information contact Randy Case:  [email protected].

The Seekers Class has begun a study of Revelation.  Usually when we think about Revelation, we think about judgement.  Without a doubt, judgement is described, but Revelation does not end there. Instead, it provides a  striking bookend for the entire  Bible, which begins in Paradise and ends in Paradise. Revelation is a book of hope and redemption for the faithful in Christ.  Seekers meet at 10:30 a.m. in McCormick Hall.  Come join this exciting, relevant study.  For information contact Dan Bellenger; [email protected]

 The Ladies Book By Book Sunday School Class meets at 10:30 in the Board Room.  We are currently studying the Book of Acts.  In this class we study different books of the Bible, alternating between Old and New Testaments, as we look at how God’s plan unfolds throughout the Bible.   Our goal as a class is to learn to love God with all our heart, strength, soul and mind, to learn to love each other more deeply and then to share that love with our neighbors throughout the world.  For information contact Glenda Mitchell at 706-268-1020.


The Koinonia Sunday School Class  meets at 10:30 a.m. in room #102. We are studying the book of Hebrews.  Why is Jesus so special in world history?  Why was His death necessary?  Come join us as we study God’s Word to understand the uniqueness of our Lord Jesus Christ and His continuing work today as our High Priest.  For more information, please contact Steve or Penelope Kinney at 706-579-2439.

Join us during the week and on Sundays to learn more about the word of God.   Watch our featured video … camera-sml