The Chapel needs your help!

Big Canoe Chapel is now using ShelbyNext, an online system for church membership. With ShelbyNext you are given access to your membership record which includes contact and demographic information, pledges, and giving history. Do you need to know how much you have given so far in 2018? This system allows you to print your own contribution statement and not wait to receive one from the Chapel office.

Please update or add your home address, e-mail address, birthdate (including year), phone numbers, and a picture of yourself.

Computer Access

Login to your membership record from your computer.

Go to Click on Forgot Password to set up an account. You will receive an email with you user name and password.

Login. You can go to your account tab and change your password and username at anytime if you wish.

Shelbynext is a secure system. Your basic information is available only to those with ShelbyNext access from Big Canoe Chapel. The privacy of your information and records is important to us.

Did you have a problem logging in through your computer? If so, contact Leigh at 470-273-6768 or [email protected].

Phone Access

Login to your membership record from your smart phone.

Get the ShelbyNext Membership Mobile App

Use “bigcanoechapel” as the domain

Did you have a problem logging in through your phone? If so, contact Leigh at 470-273-6768 or [email protected].

Update Record

Verify the information we have for you is correct.


On the “View” tab you can see your information including your family members who are also in our system.


On this tab you can edit your personal information at anytime. Please do so now so that we can have your current phone numbers, e-mail address, home address, and birthdate (including year). Add a picture of yourself so that the office can put a face with a name. In the future the Chapel hopes to use this system as an online directory.


On the “Giving” tab you will see contributions you have made to Big Canoe Chapel. Using the gear icon in the upper right corner you can filter the list of contributions by date and print a giving statement.


Your username and password can be changed on the “Account” tab.

The Chapel is not using it yet, but there is a feature in ShelbyNext that ministry leaders can use called “Interactions.” An email summary is available of any interactions assigned to a leader. The information on the right side of your screen deals with Interactions. Please ignore it for now.


 If after trying all the methods above you still have problems, please contact Leigh in the Chapel Office at 470-273-6768 or [email protected].


Thank you so much for helping the Chapel office staff by updating your record!

Contribution Statement

You don’t have to wait for the Chapel office to send a contribution statement to you. You can print your own.

  • Login to ShelbyNext online or through ShelbyNext app. (Directions can be found above.)
  • Click on Giving.
  • Click on gear at top right and select Filter.
  • Under Tax Deductible Status, select Yes.
  • Use dates to include the year you seek, for example 01/01/2017 through 12/31/2017.
  • Submit.
  • Click on gear again and select Print. A pdf will be produced.